About Us


Formulated by prominent Malaysian scientist, DR.K BIO SERIES™ Skin Care product is specially developed to improve skin texture and combat sagging skin, hydrates and moisturizes, reduces fine lines, pigmentation and acne.

This premium skin care product is rich with multi-functional whitening complex (MWC) and consists of seven active ingredients that are derived from plant and flower based and a dose of Vitamin C.

It also contains a unique ingredient obtained from the nasal cartilage of salmon known as soluble proteoglycan. The blending of these active ingredients with VCO (virgin coconut oil) and aloe Vera extract facilitate better penetration of the active ingredients onto the skin, promoting faster and sustainable results.

​This skincare product have been preliminary tested for about 2 (two) years and with the positive response received from our clients, we decided to introduce and share its benefits to a wider range of customers. We believe that our clients will be amazed with the positive effects of using our DR.K BIO SERIES™ Skin Care product.